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FB Post Best Seat (1)

headphones-1 “We were wrong”

headphones-1 “Isaiah’s Immanuel”

headphones-1 “Isaiah’s Suffering Servant”

ROOM AT THE TABLE – The Hospitality Scriptures 

headphones-1 “At the Table with the Saints” – Ephesians 1: 11-23

headphones-1 “Be a Doer” –  James 1: 19 – 37

headphones-1 “Table Manners”

headphones-1 “At Table with Our Enemies” – Romans 12: 13 – 20

headphones-1 “A Table for Those ‘Like Us'” – Matthew 5: 38 – 48

headphones-1 “Hospitality, with Mercy” – Luke 10: 25 – 37  

headphones-1 “The Kids’ Table” – Mark 10: 13 – 16

headphones-1 “The Welcome Table” – Luke 14: 1, 14 – 25

Finding God in Our Ancestors’ Stories 

headphones-1 “David, Heart of God”

headphones-1 “Ruth & Naomi, Survivors”

headphones-1 “Moses, Cathedral Builder”

headphones-1 “Jacob, Wrestler”

headphones-1 “Abraham, Chosen One”


headphones-1 “Poured Into Our Hearts”

headphones-1 “The Spirit Reveals”

headphones-1 “Fighting for Freedom with Paul and Silas”

headphones-1 “Lessons from Lydia”

headphones-1 “The Women Who Rise

headphones-1 “One of Us”

headphones-1 “Wise Words from Gamaliel”


headphones-1 “Going Home” (Easter)

headphones-1 “A Homecoming Parade” (Palm Sunday)

headphones-1 “Sibling Rivalry” – Luke 15: 20 – 32

headphones-1 “Carry on, My Wayward Son” – Luke 15: 11-20

headphones-1 “Precious Treasurers” – Luke 15: 1-3, 8-10

headphones-1 “One In a Million” – Luke 15: 1-7

SHINE YOUR LIGHT: Manifesting Epiphany

headphones-1 “A New Exodus”

headphones-1 “Transform:  In Heart, Hands & Head”

headphones-1 “Proclaiming Blessedness”

headphones-1 “Bearing Witness” (a reflection of Jesus calling the disciples)

headphones-1 “Embracing the Outsider” (a reflection on Jesus’ rejection in Nazareth)

headphones-1 “Manifesting Abundance” (a reflection on the Wedding at Cana)

headphones-1 “Manifesting Justice” (a reflection on Jesus in the Temple)

headphones-1 “To Make Manifest” (a reflection on Jesus’ baptism)

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