Sprouts Sunday

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Just like the mighty oak starts as a small sprout, so does the spiritual growth of every Christian. Nurturing spiritual growth is also a vital part of our church community.
While being “Rooted in Tradition” and “Thriving in life,” Pastor Shuji and the Consistory Team discussed new ways to freshen our praise power, engage our young families, and encourage “sprouts” of faith to grow.
Kids don’t worship in a humdrum fashion — it’s always active, exciting and genuine. Starting in November, the third Sunday of each month will be designated as our “Sprouts Sunday.”  Join us for a worship service that is approachable and applicable, not only for small kids, but also for teenagers (and adults).  The worship service is intended for all ages to participate, but will have an extra focus on the little “Sprouts” of our SJUCC community.  What most churches lack (and desperately need) all across the board are “Anticipation” “Awe” and “Jubilation.”

Expect the unexpected! 

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