Mission & Beliefs

St. John’s United Church of Christ is Rooted in Tradition and Thriving in Life…

  • TreeandText.jpgby providing a welcoming atmosphere to grow your faith in a beautiful country
  • by giving you the opportunity to be more than just a face in a large congregation by fostering an environment that allows you to easily meet new people, make new friends and share in the life changing love of Jesus Christ.
  • because we are investing in all people, God’s children, by offering heart warming community service opportunities, fun and engaging youth activities and a relevant and relational worship service

Who we are now, determines who we want to become…

St. John’s United Church of Christ is a thriving country church. We are traditional in theology and worship and rooted in the traditions of our Christian ancestors, those of the German Reformed and German Evangelical traditions, while moving forward to meet the needs of today’s ever changing culture.

Therefore, when you visit with us you will hear a hymn sung from our time honored hymnal, while also seeing a video clip from a recently released movie used as a sermon illustration.  You might even sing a praise hymn as displayed on our large screen.  Whether you come from a Christian background, a religious background other than Christianity, or no religious background at all, you are welcome here.

St. John’s is a welcoming place where people find a sense of belonging, a source of comfort, and a community that offers spiritual renewal for one’s daily walk with God.

What We Believe…

We believe in a God who is still speaking to us today.  Therefore, we speak in relevant ways that affirms the responsibility of the church in each generation to make this faith its own in reality of worship, in honesty of thought and expression, and in purity of heart before God.

St. John’s UCC is a congregation of the United Church of Christ.  The UCC is a mainline denomination of 5,600 churches and 102 million members.  Because of our unique location in Carver County at the intersection of highway 212 and county road 51, we are integrally connected to the communities of Cologne, Waconia, and Norwood-Young America.

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