Confirmation Classes

Contact Person:  Pastor Scott Siefert

St. John’s UCC Confirmation Mission Statement and Objectives

Vision: What is the BIG Picture that we want to convey to our kids through confirmation class?

To equip our children with the skills to develop a dynamic lifelong commitment to, and relationship with, Jesus Christ—who is head of the Church on Earth and in Heaven—as well as commitment to His Church wherever, and however, it is gathered.

Objectives: What is it that they need to learn throughout the course of their confirmation class?

  • To know the story of God’s Love for all people and His creation, and to be able to contrast it with the stories our culture offers.
  • To develop a faithful relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  • To know and understand the call of the church.

Strategy: How and in what ways can we accomplish our objectives?

  • Relationships: We will seek to build relationships with our confirmation students both within and outside of class.
  • Teaching and Integration of material.
  • Service within and without: Taking the relationships and the materials we are teaching our pupils and putting them into practice through service projects within the church and outside into the community.


  • Resources our church will provide:
    • NIV Study Bible
    • “My Confirmation: A guide for confirmation instruction” United Church Press, by Thomas E. Dipko
    • Heidelberg Catechism
  • Resources that need to be provided by family/student.
    • Journal
    • Working Pen
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