Staff and Leadership


Interim Pastor:  Rev. Shuji Moriichi

PastorShujiMoriichiRev. Shuji Moriichi is an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ (Minnesota Conference).  Born and raised in Japan, Shuji moved to the United States after finishing college (B.A. in English) to pursue graduate theological education (M.A. in Theological Studies at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Indiana, in 1996 and then M. Div. at United Theological Seminary, Minnesota, in 2006).
Shuji is married to Ruth for 24 years and they have one child.  Having lived more than half of his life in the United States and married to his wife who was raised on an Iowa farm, Shuji proudly calls himself a “Midwest boy.”  They live in southeast Minneapolis, as Shuji works as a hospice chaplain for Park Nicollet.
In leisure times, Shuji enjoys good coffee and good books, while listening to jazz and R & B.  He also likes spending time watching baseball and football games, as well as boxing, and continues to practice judo (1st degree black belt).


  • Organist: Penny Rolf
  • Guitarist: Orlin Schneewind
  • Violinist: Mary Hudson

Consistory Team

  • President:  Michelle Bachmann
  • Vice President:  open
  • Treasurer:  Penny Rolf
  • Secretary:  Michelle Bachmann
  • At Large:  Karen Otto and Bill Hudson

 Committee and Club Leaders

  • Bongards Market:  Vicki Moteelall
  • Women’s Guild:  Karen Otto
  • Bongards Book Club:  Sarah Schneewind
  • Celebration Club:  Emily Lofgren

Ministry Areas and Leaders

  • Finance: Penny Rolf
  • Communication: Michelle Bachmann
  • Grounds and Maintenance:  Open
  • Faith & Service:  Bill & Mary Hudson
  • Fellowship & Mission:  Open
  • Worship:  Karen Otto

Administration and Operation of Our Church

Finance  – To provide oversight, establish good processes, and accurate records as good stewards of St. John’s fiscal resources.

Communication – To provide general administrative support for St. John’s. 

Building and Grounds – To provide an inviting space that is safe and welcoming to all who come to St. John’s.

Life & Mission of Our Church

Faith & Service – With the mantra “learn by doing,” to provide meaningful faith formation for everyone, no matter where he or she is in their spiritual journey with a focus on service opportunities.

Fellowship & Mission – To provide opportunities for folks to connect with one another and our greater community in fulfilling the “Great Commission” to spread God’s word.

Worship – To provide a variety of worship experiences.

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