Staff and Leadership


NOTE:  During this time, we are currently in transition, interviewing candidates for a called pastor position.  Worship services and church activities are being lead by lay leaders and select pulpit supply ministers.


  • Organist: Penny Rolf
  • Guitarist: Orlin Schneewind
  • Violinist: Mary Hudson

Consistory Team

  • President:  Michelle Bachmann
  • Vice President:  open
  • Treasurer:  Penny Rolf
  • Secretary:  Michelle Bachmann
  • At Large:  Karen Otto and Bill Hudson

 Committee and Club Leaders

  • Bongards Market:  Vicki Moteelall
  • Women’s Guild:  Karen Otto
  • Bongards Book Club:  Sarah Schneewind
  • Celebration Club:  Emily Lofgren

Ministry Areas and Leaders

  • Finance: Penny Rolf
  • Communication: Michelle Bachmann
  • Grounds and Maintenance:  Open
  • Faith & Service:  Bill & Mary Hudson
  • Fellowship & Mission:  Open
  • Worship:  Karen Otto

Administration and Operation of Our Church

Finance  – To provide oversight, establish good processes, and accurate records as good stewards of St. John’s fiscal resources.

Communication – To provide general administrative support for St. John’s. 

Building and Grounds – To provide an inviting space that is safe and welcoming to all who come to St. John’s.

Life & Mission of Our Church

Faith & Service – With the mantra “learn by doing,” to provide meaningful faith formation for everyone, no matter where he or she is in their spiritual journey with a focus on service opportunities.

Fellowship & Mission – To provide opportunities for folks to connect with one another and our greater community in fulfilling the “Great Commission” to spread God’s word.

Worship – To provide a variety of worship experiences.

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