Maundy Thursday Sneak Peek – April 6, 2023

Join us for Maundy Thursday at 630pm (in-person and live stream when available)


S4K-color-horiz400“Not Me, Lord”

Thank you for worshiping online with us.  We are so glad that you are spending part of your day with us!

Order of Service

Worship Service Participants

  • Rev. Scott Siefert
  • Liturgists:  Chris Wing, Cindy Henschen, Karen Otto, Michelle Bachmann
  • Organist: Penny Rolf
  • Communion Assistant: David Henschen
  • Choir:  YOU!

Ringing of the Church Bell



Rev Scott: Enter this room, all those who prepare with a heavy heart. Approach the table, you who make rooms ready, who serve with what you have at hand. Sit elbow to elbow, those with secrets burdening your hearts. Eat and drink, you who wear grief plainly upon your face. You are welcome here. Christ Jesus has made room for all, and there is space at this table. We are not strangers at the table. Sit. Come as you are, weary, sheltered, beloved.

Call to Worship 

Rev Scott: We have gathered in the presence of God our creator, who sets before us the ways of life and death.

All: We have gathered in the presence of Jesus the Christ, who calls us to accept the cost of discipleship so that we may know its joy.

Rev Scott: We have gathered in the presence of the Spirit, who sustains us in trial and rejoicing.

All: In our living and in our dying, we belong to God. In the shadow of God’s wings, we sing for joy. Let us worship God. 

 *Opening Hymn: “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” (The Hymnal #158)

Prayer of Invocation 

Rev Scott: Jesus, you walked among us and lived fully but in the end, even your friends betrayed you.

All: Give us courage. 

One: Jesus, you who weep as we weep, who ate and drank, who prayed loudly and alone.

All: Grant us strength.

Rev Scott:  Jesus, you who sought sight and life, who calmed storms and fed the masses, you who welcomed all who were excluded – 

All: Give us rest. Guide us to those who will share the load so that when the pain becomes too much to bear, we may lay down knowing the good work will go on.  AMEN.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

One: Spirit of Christ, we come to you with our hands outstretched, hearts heavy with dread. We hold up to you the grief in our hearts – the personal failings, the endemic injustices, the catastrophic disasters – and the weight of it all brings us to our knees. We need to be reminded that you see us through a lens of love and compassion. 

All: With every breath, we invite in your forgiveness and encouragement. 

Rev Scott: We stumble:

All: And you catch us.

Rev Scott: We yearn.

All: And you listen.

Rev Scott: We hunger.

All: And you fill us up. AMEN.

Kyrie (The Hymnal #518)

Rev Scott: Lord, have mercy upon us.

All: Lord, have mercy upon us.

Rev Scott: Christ, have mercy upon us.

All: Christ, have mercy upon us.

Rev Scott: Lord, have mercy upon us.

All: Lord, have mercy upon us.

Scripture Reading #1

Matthew 26:14-30 

Hymn of Response: “Let Us Break Bread Together” (New Century Hymnal #330)

Holy Communion 

Scripture Reading #2 

Matthew 26:31-27:23 

Hymn of Response:  “Were You There” (New Century Hymnal #229)

Scripture Reading #3 

Matthew 27:24-27:66 

Closing and Blessing

*Closing Hymn: “Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross” (Insert)

Benediction and Blessing

Ringing of the Church Bell

Upcoming Events & Announcements

  • Wednesdays – Confirmation Class – schedule on website
  • Thursdays – Bible Fellowship – 6pm – Fellowship Hall and ZOOM
  • Apr. 9th – Easter Sunday
    • Rolls & Fellowship hosted by Steve & Bonnie Schmitz – 830am
    • Easter Celebration Service – 915am
  • Apr. 15th – Feed My Starving Children all-ages service activity in Chanhassen at 9am
  • Apr. 16th – Worship and Gather Team Meeting – following worship
  • Apr. 23rd – Consistory Team Meeting – following worship
  • Apr. 30th – Fellowship & Coffee Hour – following worship
  • Apr. 30th – Building & Grounds Team Meeting – following worship

Fruit of the Spirit.   April focuses on world-wide food insecurity with donations to benefit Feed My Starving Children.  A special collection is at the front of the sanctuary.  We also have an all-ages service activity to pack and label meals at FMSC on April 15th.  Sign-up in the Narthex or contact Pastor Scott.

God uses everyone’s talents.  Check out this month’s “Team Up” flier for ways to share your time and talents to inspire and uplift our community.

Bongards Market Helpers Needed.  A variety of opportunities for all abilities are available.  This is our 11th season and our biggest ministry program – Be part of the fun!  Wednesdays, June to September.  You pick dates/times that fit your schedule.  Contact Vicki Moteelall at 612-710-0508.

Find Food Carver County.  Volunteers are needed to pack produce, sort food items, and distribute food into vehicles in NYA the first Friday of the month.  If interested, contact Michelle Bachmann at 952-361-3033 or

Live Streaming:  We want to train others on live-streaming and recording services.  Contact Michelle Bachmann if you’re interested.

Looking for a church community?  If you have been led to St. John’s looking to be more than a visitor, we welcome you openly and would love an opportunity to chat.  Contact Pastor Scott at 804-350-0826 or email

The Word To Go:  Find Sunday morning worship services on our YouTube channel, St. John’s UCC-BongardsWorship will also be live-streamed on Facebook, when available.

Bongards Buzz:  Submit items for the newsletter by the 1st of each month to Michelle Bachmann or

For Pastoral Care.  Please contact Pastor Scott at 804-350-0826 or email  


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