Reflecting on St. John’s

At the annual meeting on May 2nd, we shared a brief update on the new pastor search process.  It is still very early, but we have met with the MN Conference and they know of our intention to start the process, and will guide us during the upcoming months. 

Our Pastor Search Committee is also still looking for one more member.  The current members are:  Dawn Dietz, Bill Hudson, Sham Moteelall and Michelle Bachmann.  (Contact Pastor Shuji or Michelle Bachmann if you’re interested in this opportunity.)

Bridging Pastor Shuji’s discernment presentations and the search process, we handed out the attached list of questions for reflection.  (In non-COVID times, small group discussions would be held to gather this discernment input.)  You are encouraged to look them over.  With prayerful consideration, you may respond via email, mail, drop off at church, or have a conversation with a member of the search committee, consistory member, or Pastor Shuji. 

We are encouraging open communication, in lieu of anonymous surveys, so please include your name on your response.  We want everyone to have an opportunity to provide thoughtful and constructive input into the pastoral search process and revitalization phase we are currently navigating through and moving forward.  Input should be submitted by May 31st.

Click here for the Pastoral Search Questionnaire.

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