Online Giving Funds


  • Materials and expenses for Worship and online Sermons
  • Materials and expenses for day-to-day operations, staff, and  administration (marketing, website, postage, printing)
  • Materials and expenses for fellowship and community activities
  • All campus utilities (trash, electric, gas, internet)
  • Materials and expenses for all minor campus building maintenance
  • Materials and expenses for landscaping of campus grounds 


  • In memory of a St. John’s member 
  • Special projects or capital improvements

Building & Grounds 

  • Major repairs and improvements to the Parking lot, Sanctuary, and lighted sign 
  • Major repairs and improvements of the water system are split with the Women’s Guild

Fellowship & Mission (as a subset of General Fund)

  • Expenses associated with coordinating LDFA sewing program
  • Donations in support of community needs (food shelf, FMSC, homeless, etc.)
  • Donations in support of OCWM programs

Faith & Service

  • Expenses for all Faith Formation Programs.  This includes:  Youth programs, Confirmation, Sunday School, Growing in God’s Love, Bee One in the Spirit, and Bongards Book Club.
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